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Doorknobs & Bodypaint

From somewhere close, he suddenly spoke. "Wait, damned you!" A hand clamped onto the door, and then Neil was pulling himself through the window.
    Cassie watched stupidly as Neil flopped into the seat and righted himself, soaking wet, his hair hanging limply across his forehead. The window was not there, and yet the water didn't come rushing in.
    She grabbed him, her chin pressed into his clavicle, and she froze as a black wraith floated into view.

Doorknobs & Bodypaint

“He goes in with this Halloween mask on and finds his wife and some guy sitting at a table in a corner. He pulls a gun and shoots the guy in the nuts—I mean point blank, not a word. Then he turns the gun on his wife when this other cat rushes him and tries to get the gun. They struggle a bit, but the guy in the mask shoots him and then kicks his wife off the guy screaming and holding his nuts and shoots her like twelve times. When the cops show up, he points his empty gun at them.”

The Organ Grinder
Doorknobs & Bodypaint

Happening unfortunately upon the letter, Mr. Dugan's wife promptly gathered up all of her possessions and her three children and fled to her father's estate on the northern coast.
    Dugan seldom emerged from his home, but the affair lived on through gossip. A year later, he poisoned himself and the letters were made public.

Dispatch Litareview

There's a girl nearby having a heated conversation on her cell phone. "No, no," she says, "Jamal and Trish said they seen you give that bitch a hug out front before you walked to your car." She listens for a few seconds. "You should just know. Are you stupid? She's the biggest trick in Parkglen." She glances at me. I look at my phone.